Frequently asked questions

How long do my documents reside on the server?
  • The original files are removed from the server immediately after conversion.
  • The converted files are available for download for 1 hour.
How many files can I convert, and what is the maximum size?
You can upload up to 3 files at once, the total size should not exceed 100 MB. If you need to convert more than 3 files, you simply upload your files in batches of 3.
Is this service really free?
Yes! Free as in beer.
Are my files available to anyone?
When the conversion is finished, you receive a unique download link that cannot be guessed by others. This link remains active for 1 hour. If you send this link to someone else, (s)he can download the converted file as well.
What file formats are supported for Word conversion?

Input formats: doc, docx, odt, rtf, txt

Output formats: pdf, pdf/a (ISO 19005-1 compliant), txt, jpg, html

Possible conversions:
word to pdf | doc to pdf | docx to pdf | odt to pdf | rft to pdf | txt to pdf
word to pdf/a | doc to pdf/a | docx to pdf/a | odt to pdf/a | rft to pdf/a | txt to pdf/a
word to txt | doc to txt | docx to txt | odt to txt | rft to txt | txt to txt
word to jpg | doc to jpg | docx to jpg | odt to jpg | rft to jpg | txt to jpg
word to html | doc to html | docx to html | odt to html | rft to html | txt to html

What file formats are supported for Excel conversion?

Input formats: xls, xlsx, csv, ods

Output formats: pdf

Possible conversions:
excel to pdf | xls to pdf | xlsx to pdf | csv to pdf | ods to pdf

What file formats are supported for Powerpoint conversion?

Input formats: ppt, pptx, odp

Output formats: pdf

Possible conversions:
powerpoint to pdf | ppt to pdf | pptx to pdf | odp to pdf

What file formats are supported for PDF conversion?

Input formats: pdf

Output formats: doc, docx, txt, jpg, gif, html

Possible conversions:
pdf to doc | pdf to docx | pdf to txt | pdf to gif | pdf to html

What is PDF/A?

PDF/A (Portable Document Format Archivable) is specialized for the digital preservation of electronic documents. It is an ISO-standardized version (defined by ISO 19005-1:2005) of the Portable Document Format (PDF).

At this moment the PDF/A format is only available with Word conversion.

How do I decide whether to select the PDF/A format?

Choose PDF/A format if you need to submit the document to a government agency that requires this format.

Choose PDF/A format if you need the file for long-term archiving and you want the file to include all the information needed to be displayed in the future in a way as similar as possible to the way it is displayed today.

Do not choose PDF/A (choose standard PDF instead) if the file appearance is important and you want the PDF to look as much like your original document as possible.

Do not choose PDF/A (choose standard PDF instead) if file size is important.

I cannot open the converted file I downloaded?
Download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Uploading and/or downloading files takes a long time?
How fast you can up- and/or download documents depends very much on your internet connection. With ADSL lines, uploading takes significantly longer than downloading.
Why do I see ads on this website?
By showing some ads we can provide this service for free.